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Why You Need a Pest Control Inspection Before Buying a Home


You have worked hard and saved for many years, and finally reached the point where you can buy a home! It is an exciting experience for your family to have a place of your own. But, there are a few things that you need to do to check the quality of the property before you sign on the bottom line. For example, consider scheduling a pest control inspection to ensure that you won’t have problems with rodents or insects.

You will be investing a lot of money into the home, so it makes sense that you should do everything that you can to eliminate the risk of problems for your family. It can be disappointing to move in and discover underlying issues with the home. Even if you are in a hurry to close on the property, it is best to talk to an experienced pest control expert for advice.

Why Do You Need a Pest Control Inspection?

At first glance, the home might look like it is in great condition. But, a closer inspection could uncover potential problems with infestations. Have you seen stories in the news about families who discovered a crawl space full of snakes or a huge beehive in the attic? These instances are rare, and most new homeowners don’t have problems with massive infestations. But, don’t take the risk of being one of the people facing these problems.

This pest control inspection is like any other inspection on your home. You will bring in an appraiser, and someone to look at the plumbing, electrical work, and roof. Many people also choose to do a radon test and any other preventive inspections, such as a pest control inspection as well.

What Should You Do if Pests are Discovered?

When you receive the pest control report, what does it mean if insects or rodents were found in the home? There is nothing to worry about if it is a minor problem. A few simple steps can help you eliminate the pests before the situation turns into a bigger infestation. Act fast so that you can get ahead of the problem while it is still in the early phases.

Here at EcoGeek, we offer safe, effective pest control services. If you are buying a home, then we encourage you to call our team today. We will inspect the new property and provide recommendations to prevent pests in the future. We offer a free appointment to help with your upcoming home purchase. Call to set a time for your pest control inspection: 508.280.1108

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