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Cold Weather Pests that Can Invade Your home!


Pests are certainly a menace in any home. Not only in summer but also in cold weather, you’ll be plagued by various pests and insects to bother you. Besides causing a nuisance to your family members, by their present day and night, many diseases and dangerous ailments can also be spread by them. Cold weather pests control is a process inevitably undertaken if you want to get rid of this menace.

Being a summer destination for tourists, the residents enjoy pleasant and mildly cold weather. The best Pest Control companies assisting homeowners in combating Cold Weather Pests, have identified certain pests that are invading homes here.

They’re –

  • House mice and rodents including Norway Rats
  • German Cockroaches
  • Swarms of Termites
  • Earwigs
  • Red-winged ants
  • Bugs including its varieties like bran bugs
  • Meal Moths etc.

You may wonder what harm these Cold Weather Pests can cause. It’s really a long list. Take for example the damage caused to your house-property by house mice and other rodents. These pests have sharp teeth to cut off anything they gnaw with their teeth. By habit, these rodents will first put their mouth on electric wires, plastic wires, upholstered furniture, insulation cables, and any chewable item stored in your attic, basement, and kitchen. You can very well imagine the damage caused by cut-off electric wires. 

Besides damaging property, rats steal and swallow food items and provisions stored inside cupboards, pantry, and kitchen. These pests contaminate food by urinating and droppings of feces. Many diseases spread because of rodents including deadly Plague etc.

Cockroaches are considered the worst Cold Weather Pests. They hide behind anything and live happily to multiply their number in moisture-prone sites. By spreading the organisms through their legs, Cockroaches are instrumental for many dangerous ailments like Typhoid Fever, Dysentery, Cholera, Leprosy, and even Plague etc. In your Cold weather pest control, you should be very careful to eradicate Termites swarms. They’re capable of eating up the structure of your home by destroying floor joists, support beams, ceiling joists, posts, and wall studs etc.

Other Cold Weather Pests is equally dangerous in causing innumerable damages, as well as spreading bacteria and viruses. Therefore in your own interest be cautious in taking proper Cold weather pests control, sooner than later. You can call expert Pest Control Services.

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