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7 Ways To get rid of House Flies From Your Home


House flies are the most common insects we find almost in every human settlement on earth. These insects cannot survive sub-zero temperature but have excellent hibernation capabilities. A house fly can hibernate for almost 6 months and emerge when the climatic conditions are ambient for them.

Best tips to get rid of house flies

1. Adhesive tapes

These tapes release a pleasant fragrance that attracts house flies. Once the flies sit on these tapes, they stick and get killed. These tapes can be hung anywhere in the house and used repeatedly. This is the cheapest way to get rid of flies from your home. Make sure that these tapes do not get stuck on your assets and walls or else, they will leave adhesive marks.

2. Repellent plugs

The repellent plugs are designed to release insecticide in the form of liquid or tablet at an optimum dose within the home when attached to an electric point. On heating, the plugs spray repellent in the house and ward off house flies. Make sure that this device is placed at least a meter away from persons inside the house.

3. Aerosol spray

Aerosol spray can be a great way to get rid of house flies. These sprays are effectively used from the interior corner of a house towards the exit to pulverize flies. Most of the formulations contain tetramethrin and permethrin.

4. Granules

Dry pellets are the ideal way to kill house flies when aerosol or repellents cannot be used. The formulation contains a poison that paralyzes house flies on contact. Make sure that these pellets are exposed in a safe manner inside the rooms.

5. Agita Powders

The houseflies settle down on a wall or in a peaceful corner. Use thiamethoxam formulation to paint on the walls or corners where the houseflies visit and sit to rest. It can also be applied on doors, window sills, balconies, etc.

6. Fly traps

These fly traps emit UV rays at a specific wavelength range that attract houseflies. The bewitched flies come in contact with the electric grid and die. It is capable of killing adult flies but not larvae.

7. CO2 traps

This device emits moisture, heat, and CO2. It is kept outdoors for attracting flies. The excellent condition for breeding lures the adults. Once near, the fan in this device sucks the flies inside. The flies die inside within a day.

These are the seven best ways to handle house fly infestation in your home. Remember to keep your prepared food and disposed waste covered to stop house flies from laying eggs.

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