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6 Tips To Getting Rid Of Ants in Your Home!


Believe it - there are 12,000 Ants in the world. But the good news is not all of them invade your house. The most-commonly found Ants at home are only a few – namely Odorous House Ants; Pavement Ants; Ghost Ants; Carpenter Ants; Rover Ants; Argentine Ants; Fire Ants; and Crazy Ants. But these are more than enough to cause damage through Ants Menace at home.

People around the world have found out many ways to be used as effective Pest Control For Ants. The service of outside Pest Control Agencies is called for only in cases the Ants Menace goes out of hand, in greater proportions at home. Otherwise, normally you can use home remedies for combating Ants and keeping them at bay.

Ants are small insects but the havoc they can cause is higher. Not only biting people, but they can also swarm any food item in the kitchen, contaminate them and spread bacteria and diseases. Instead of trying to kill them, you can safely drive them away from your home by keeping in mind the following 6 tips:

1. Take a look around your home and kitchen, and find out the hiding points and camps of Ants-army. The best and cheapest way to drive the Ants is to smear rings of table-salt near the holes. Better still, you can sprinkle thick salt-water-solution directly, wherever you see Ants lines or swarms.

2. Chalk piece lines act as a deterrent for Ants’ entry. Draw the lines wherever you suspect movements of Ants, in your kitchen shelves and dining table etc.

3. Lemon and Orange peels are disliked most by Ants. So use these two fruits to your best advantage. Keep the peels in all the places of Ants Menace being felt.

4. Powders of pungent smell such as black-pepper, red-chilly, turmeric, and cinnamon act as best repellant towards Pest Control For Ants. Use these powders or make solutions of these powders for sprinkling in all places, where Ants invade. You will find them very effective.

5. Garlic is another useful repellant to drive away Ants. Place Garlic pearls at the entry points to your home, like door-steps, window-sills, and backyard etc.

6. Liquids like Peppermint Oil and White Vinegar can also be used for driving away the Ants because their smell is disliked by Ants. Use them for sprinkling over the places of swarming Ants.

Thus Pest Control For Ants is somewhat easier since you are going to use home remedies only.

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