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When is it Time to Schedule a Pest Control Inspection?


Pest infestations might seem to start overnight, but there are often warning signs that your home is at risk. Instead of waiting to find a pest problem before you call a pest control team, consider the advantages of scheduling a pest control inspection for prevention. Our team will come to your home, complete an inspection, and help you identify potential action steps to reduce the risk of infestation in the future.

You can schedule an inspection at your convenience. But, there are a few common times when an inspection is suggested:         

Seasonal Changes: When the weather patterns are changing, then it means that bug and rodent activity will change as well. Different temperatures affect the lifestyle of various pests. For example, rodents might try to move inside when it is cold outside. Or, some insects have a hatching season in the spring which increases activity during this time of year. Make it a habit to schedule a pest control inspection twice a year when the seasons are changing.         

Buying a Home: It can be financially devastating to buy a home and find an infestation after you move in. There are horror stories about families spending thousands of dollars without success in an attempt to rid their newly purchased homes of insects or pests. Don’t wait until you move in! It is better to schedule a pest control inspection before you close on the sale.         

Signs of Infestation: Pay attention to the details in your home to see if there are any signs of potential infestation. Have you noticed rodent droppings or sawdust? Even the smallest indicators could be the warning that a colony is coming inside. Call a pest control service as soon as possible to identify the root of the problem.

One of the advantages of working with a local pest control service is the opportunity to customize the services that are used for your home. We always offer a complimentary consultation. Then, our team will work with your family to identify the natural pest control treatments to prevent and eliminate rodents and insects. We offer Integrated Pest Management solutions for the best results.

If you have questions or want to schedule a consultation, then you need to call us at EcoGeek. We provide quality pest control services. Call EcoGeek today to schedule an appointment for your free in-home consultation: (508) 280-1108

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