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Natural and Organic Pest Control Addresses The Root Cause.

Integrated Pest Management is an environmentally friendly approach that first and foremost properly identifies not only the pests that are present, but the conditions that surround a certain pest problem that are allowing the infestation in the first place.

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Figure out how the pests are gaining access and eliminating those points of entry.

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Find food sources surround the situation that are feeding & attracting the pests.

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Identify the moisture that these pests are accessing and cut them off.

Integrated organic pest control

Discover where these pests are sheltering and remove their areas of harborage.

Finding these areas of contention and fixing them will go a long way in controlling the number of pests that surround a home or business. By finding and fixing foundational issues, an over application of a pesticide is not needed.

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Employing Prescriptive Treatments

After eliminating conditions conducive to pests the current pests may/will still be present and this is when we employ targeted treatments. With this approach we can use a variety of control methods; from non-chemical control methods, natural and organic pest control methods, as well as targeted treatments with soft synthetic products in all the right places to deliver a superior means of control without contaminating your family or the environment.

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The Key to Eco-Friendly and Natural Pest Control Is Observation

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Pest Inspections Are Important

Although the tenants of Integrated Pest Management remain the same, treatment specifics vary from one environment to the next. Whether you live in a wooded area, or have a beach-side property, EcoGeek evaluates each home independently.

We use the inspection and monitoring program

We use this data to compare pest control options that are selected based on the effectiveness of the tactic, the living organisms in your particular area, and environmental safety efforts. Finally, records are taken and used for your follow up visits, and how to effectively treat your home in a way that pests do not return.

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The Components Of Eco Friendly Pest Control

  • Inspection
  • Monitoring
  • Decision Making
  • Pest Control Methods
  • Record Keeping​

Eco friendly pest control rectifies the root issues that lead to pest problems, and treats the problem with the lowest toxicity or non-chemical control methods that will effectively eliminate your insect, mold, or animal infestation. We do not depend on routinely scheduled pesticide applications, which are unnecessary and bad for the environment. Instead our IPM program properly combines pest preventive techniques and the appropriate use of pesticides.

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Eco Friendly Ant Pest Control

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Effective Ant Treatments

If you're noticing the sudden appearance of ants in and around your home or property, you can count on EcoGeek Pest Control's expert ant exterminators. They possess the skills to effectively exterminate these ants from your premises. Our proficient ant control team conducts a thorough ant inspection and utilizes precise treatment techniques, guaranteeing an ant-free environment for your home. Reach out to us today, and our dedicated ant control specialists will be delighted to assist you!

We Know Ants!

With an in-depth understanding of the types of ants prevalent in our area, our team possesses the knowledge and experience needed to tackle these pesky invaders effectively. Trust us to safeguard your home through our innovative and eco-friendly methods, ensuring those unwanted guests stay outside where they belong.

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Eco Friendly Rodent Control

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We Are Rodent Control Experts!

Understanding the biology and behaviors of rats and mice is crucial when eliminating rodents from your home. Our Rodent Experts possess exceptional skills in trapping and baiting, leaving rodents with no chance of survival. If you're seeking a reliable rodent control company, look no further than EcoGeek Pest Control – your trustworthy choice!

Rodent Trapping Is Our Specialty

For top-notch Rodent Trapping & Baiting, Rodent Exclusion, or Commercial Rodent Control services, turn to EcoGeek Pest Control's Rodent Control Team – the city's highest-rated experts. Our primary commitment is to deliver the finest rodent solutions, granting you peace of mind and ensuring your home remains free from rodent-induced damages for good.

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Eco Friendly Termite Control

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We Understand Termites

The primary goal of EcoGeek Pest Control is to ensure the protection of our customer's homes against termite infestation. Whether safeguarding homeowners, new home buyers, or commercial properties, our team of expert termite inspectors is equipped with the most efficient methods to prevent termite damage. Incorporating Termite Control into your pest control program is a crucial element in ensuring comprehensive protection during property construction.

Termite Control For Your Home And Business

EcoGeek Pest Control is a comprehensive termite control company catering to the needs of homes, realtors, new home builders, real estate investors, and other clients. Our extensive experience ensures top-notch client service and work quality. Throughout our history, we have built a strong reputation for delivering exceptional customer care and service.

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Eco Friendly Mosquito & Tick Control

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Powerful Mosquito & Tick Services

Our team of skilled mosquito & tick control specialists employs premium natural mosquito extermination products, ensuring immediate and effective results! With EcoGeek Pest Control's mosquito services, you can savor the outdoors without compromising your family's and pets' well-being by using harmful mosquito pest control products.

Combine Our Tick & Mosquito Services

In the pursuit of a successful mosquito reduction formula, we discovered that the very same process we employ for mosquito extermination proved equally effective against ticks! As a result, we have combined our mosquito and tick control services, streamlining everything and passing on the cost savings directly to you!

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If you have been looking for natural pest control near me you have come to the right place. As the side effects of toxins have become a very clear issue, it is important that we do what we can to reduce our exposure and preserve our health. If you want to protect your home as well as your family and the environment…We Can Help!