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Our Pest Services

Termite Control

Mashpee termite Pest control near me

Our termite control service will ensure that your home is protected from the threat of termites and the damage they cause.

Rodent Control

Mashpee rodent Pest control near me

Protect your home from mice and rats with our rodent control services. Let us protect your family for the danger of rodents.

Mosquito Control

Mashpee mosquito Pest control near me

Mosquitoes suck... literally. our  mosquito control services have had a huge impact, allowing people to enjoy their outdoor spaces.

Natural Services

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If you are looking for Eco-friendly pest services, you have found it. We are Your local NaturalCompany!

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Our local pest services are family and pet-friendly. Our exterminators only use pest control products that ensure the bugs are gone without using unnecessary, harsh pesticides. We also exceed the state standards in pest education, performing entomologically sound extermination services to our neighbors.

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Mashpee Mosquito Control Services

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Our Mosquito Control Methods

When controlling mosquitos we do not only treat for the adult mosquitoes, but we also treat the breeding sites where the mosquitoes are sourced from! Standing water is where mosquitoes lay their eggs. When our Mashpee mosquito exterminators inspect a home that has a mosquito infestation, we look for all the opportunities that mosquitoes will capitalize on to reproduce.

Commonly Overlooked Areas For Mosquito Removal

  • Clogged Rain Gutters
  • Overwatered Plants
  • Tarps
  • Tires

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Rodent Control

Are You Dealing With Rats & Mice?

Rats and Mice can be very difficult to control. Our Mashpee rodent control makes dealing with rodents easy! We handle all of the rodent trapping and rodent removal for you. We also will do a full rodent inspection to find out where there rodents may have been gaining entry to your home. You might be able to seal up the areas we identify, or you could just decide to have an EcoGeek rodent control expert perform the rodent exclusion for you. Either way, we are here to help!

A Rodent Inspection Most Commonly Exposes

  • Broken or missing sub-area vents
  • Garage door seals damaged or missing
  • Air conditioning condensation lines that are unsealed
  • Trees or other foliage that are touching the roofline of the home​
Sealing Your Home Off To Stop Rodents Is Key

Sealing a home off properly is the primary means in rodent control to ensure they do not return! This will take care of most of your rodent issues indoors, but if there are any rats or mice still inside our rodent exterminators will easily trap and remove those rodents from your home.

Mashpee Rodent Pest Control Near Me

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Mashpee Termite Control & Inspections

Are Termites Eating Your Home?

Termites can be infesting your home for years before you ever catch on. Most termite damage or signs of termites can go overlooked by the untrained eye. We recommend a termite inspection every 2-5 years by a professional termite inspector. With over 5 billion dollars in termite damage happening in the United States each year, you do not want to become apart of that statistic!

Our Termite Inspections Reveal All Wood Destroying Pests

Termites are not the only pests that will destroy your home. Fungus and dry rot are considered pests and will eat away and destroy the integrity of your home, as well as other insects like Powder post beetles.

Our Termite Inspections Uncover

  • Broken or missing sub-area vents
  • Garage door seals damaged or missing
  • Air conditioning condensation lines that are unsealed
  • Trees or other foliage that are touching the roofline of the home​
Choose A Termite Exterminator You Can Trust!

If termites are found our termite exterminators can control any termite infestation your are dealing with by using eco-friendly termite treatments to stop termites in their tracks!

Termite Pest Control Mashpee MA Damage

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Ant Control

Mashpee Ant Control Near Me

Ants Taking Over Your Home In?

Ants can ruin your day quick by showing up at the worst times. Well take back your home from those nasty pests by calling the ant exterminators at EcoGeek! We have the right tools and tactics to get rid ant infestations and keep them away. Utilizing Integrated Pest Management techniques and eco-friendly products our Mashpee ant control experts will help you enjoy your home and yard once again.

Comprehensive Ant Control Inspections

Keeping IPM methods in mind, our ant control specialists will inspect your home and look for areas that could be attracting ants to your home, such as an over-watered lawn, easy access to food sources, and over grown weeds that could provide safe coverage for ants to make their home. Removing these sources can help tremendously in most cases, but having a trained eye inspect your home in Mashpee and provide targeted treatments as needed can exterminate ants for good!

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We hope that after you have done your research that you find EcoGeek exterminators in Mashpee to be top choice! We provide eco-friendly pest services that keeps pests out for good! Our termite exterminators can keep your home safe from the dangers of termites. And if it's rodent control you are looking for, pick the rat & mouse exterminators at EcoGeek to keep rodents out!