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7 Tips To Prevent Ticks Bite To Enjoy The Outdoors


Tick bites are quite common to experience if you spend a good amount of time outdoors. Though the tick bite is not harmful most of the time this causes allergic infection to the human body. Sometimes it becomes extremely irritating when you or any of your near or dear ones get attacked by ticks and suffer allergic reactions on the skin. These insects are common to see outdoors especially when they make grass, trees, and shrubs and also leaf piles their habitat. Here you must understand how these ticks mainly bite and how you can get rid of this tick’s bite without making any compromise with your summer entertainment.

Initially, the moment you notice a tick sitting on you, you should remove it yourself or you can use a tool to remove the tick first. You can follow the processes as mentioned below to get rid of it or to restrict its attack on you and your family.

  • You need to wear clothes with full sleeves while you walk in the woods. This will keep your body covered.
  • You should be careful to walk and always move through the middle of the trails while hiking. Tick nymphs, which are the common type to infect humans, are mostly found on the leaf litter, which remains very close to the soil
  • Tick repellant is available and here you can use such repellent so that these ticks can remain far from you. Select repellants with 30% deet.
  • Check your body carefully once you are back home from outside as it can make your hairline, belly button, ears as well as groin area their home.
  • After you return from the outdoors, you should take a shower. You need to take a bath within two hours after you get back from outdoors.
  • Prime tick prone areas in the body are under arms, at the back of the ears, the area between the legs, etc. Hence you should pay attention to whether these areas are being attacked by tick bites or not. Take help of tweezers to remove it.
  • If you find that ticks bite sign is there on your body, then you should clean that place with soap or antiseptic


Well, those are certain things where you need to pay attention to stay protected from tick attacks. If you find that any part is affected by such a tick bite and showing infection or rashes, then you should consult with the doctors. The doctors will let you know the causes of such infections and treatment.

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