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Top 8 DIY Pest Control Tips Everyone Needs To Know!


As Fall Approaches, Pests Seek Shelter.

Sadly, summer is almost over. Our children return to school, days become shorter, the trees begin to change color and the weather is crisp. Fall is a favorite season for many, as it signals the beginning of football and our favorite holiday season. However, for pests like rodents, ants, cockroaches, spiders and many other animals and insects, colder weather means that it is time to start finding a safe warm place to stay for the winter. 

Guess where that is?  

Eco Geek Pest Control wants to remind homeowners to be prepared by pest-proofing your home or business to avoid these common pest problems. Contrary to popular belief, you do not get to take a vacation from doing pest control on your house just because it's cold outside. This is a crucial season to be proactive because these pests can no longer survive outside as easily as when the weather is warmer. 

Two major offenders are rodents and carpenter ants due to the potential risk of property damage and health risks related to rodents. Although there are many other pests you'll want to keep out, these two are in almost every home. Mice will destroy insulation. This is a much more destructive problem than most realize. The ability of insulation to hold heat doesn't rely on the fiberglass fibers alone. It relies on the spaces between the fibers. This is where insulation gets its R-value (R=Resist). For example, if you take an R-30 insulation and compress it, it loses its R-value almost entirely. Even though it is the same amount of fiber glass fibers, it loses almost all of its thermal abilities.

Why is this so important to you? 

As rodents burrow through, urinate and defecate in your insulation it ruins your home's ability to hold heating and cooling. Over time your home will become inefficient. There is no easy solution to this problem. You're not going to take down sheetrock to re-insulate. The damage is permanent! Rodents will also gnaw through wires creating fire hazards, cause structural damage and spread disease through their droppings, saliva, and other leavings. 

Carpenter ants will set up shop in wall voids and attic spaces to stay warm for the winter. They will remain there until the following spring while most homeowners are unaware of their presence. By the time you see an ant in the spring a substantial amount of damage could have already been done.

When the weather cools, our warm homes are just as enticing to pests as they are to us. Here are our fall tips.


• Install door sweeps on all doors around the exterior of your home or business.         

• Make sure chimneys are capped or screened.         

• Repair all damaged window and entrance screens.         

• Take a walk around the structure and seal cracks, crevices and where utilities or plumbing enter. Also be sure that basement windows are free from defects like loose mortar and damaged weather stripping.         

• Store food in airtight containers and be sure to dispose of trash regularly. Trash should be in sealed receptacles when outside.          

• Do NOT store firewood anywhere near the structure. Eliminate tree branches and shrubbery that contacts the structure.         

• Eliminate water and moisture sites. Pest will become dependent on these sites during harsh weather conditions. (Humid basements, clogged drains, leaking pipes etc).

If you suspect a pest problem in your home or business, call a licensed pest control provider to inspect the property. For questions about our services please give us a call at 508 280 1108 or visit us on the web at

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