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7 Ways to Prevent Entry of Occasional Invader Pests


The occasional invaders pests are the ones which belong to the group of pests which invade our homes in different seasons as the weather conditions outside turn hostile or threaten their survival. The common types of pests which belong to this category include boxelder bugs, crickets, centipedes, earwigs, millipedes, ladybugs,  pillbugs, scorpions, stink bugs and many more are there on the list. These pests remain active all across the year and mostly stay outdoors.  Their visibility keeps increasing in the fall season as they attempt to move inside properties for protection from winter. Now the question is how you can prevent the entry of occasional invader pests. Check a few ways which you can use for preventing the entry of these invaders.

• Repair damages and Seal the cracks:  Occasional invaders make entry through cracks in walls or sealing of the windows, siding, doors, broken pipes, etc. So Damaged frames of doors and windows need to be repaired or replaced immediately to restrict the entry of pests. Use quality sealing materials for crack sealing of walls.

• Stop moisture accumulation and install a proper ventilation system:  Eliminate all types of moisture prone areas in the property. Occasional invaders are fond of moisture prone areas to make their home. If you notice any type of moisture accumulation below the sink, Moldy wood or clogged drain then clear them off to avoid further build up of any moisture. Ensure the property has a good ventilation system.

• Replace bright light with deem light:  Few of these pests are attracted towards bright light zones. To avoid their entry one should install yellow bulbs or vapor lamps to restrict them. Use blinds or heavy curtains to cover windows to restrict the flow of light from inside out.

• Use of a Vacuum:  Use of a shop-type vacuum for removal can help you in getting short-time relief from these pests.

• Clearing of Landscape from time to time: Another best way to restrict the movements of the pests inside the house is to keep the surrounding clean. Clean accumulated dry leaves, debris, pebbles, and stone in the surrounding.

• Keep your kitchen clean: Your Kitchen is one of the hot spots for welcoming pests inside. Clear your kitchen dustbin every day and avoid accumulation of leftover foods. Hire pest control experts: If you are finding the condition non-manageable for you then seek the help of professional  pest control experts

Follow the above 7 things to prevent entry of occasional invader pests inside your house.

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