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Why is winter the best season for a termite treatment?


Many of you may have heard that winter is the best season when there is a reduction in the termite attacks. If you feel that it will automatically happen just because of temperature drop then you are wrong. The feeding habit remains the same for the termites all year round and there is no reduction due to the temperature drop. But why is importance given for treating the termites in the winter months? To know about it scroll down and read….

Drywood, as well as damp wood termites, are mostly found at the higher up areas of the home, and the subterranean termites attack the building structures which are closer to the foundation. When the temperatures fall at extreme level termites will continue foraging without giving a break but now it will be near to the nests. This will keep the damages restricted to the concentrated area.

Winter is basically the ideal time to go for a termite treatment, because during this time the activities, as well as the locations of such insects to some extent, are predictable. For example, homeowners who prefer to go with baiting systems will see that termites are very likely waiting to discover the strategically placed bait in the winter months compared to spring and summer months. The warm temperatures of summer and spring encourage the termites to forage far away from the nests and offer the scope to get ample supply of food.

When the weather starts cooling down, insects including termites naturally make an effort to migrate close to those areas which are warm. We all are accustomed to staying in heated houses; we actually give them the chance to stay at a convenient place for spending the cold months in our rooms. They enjoy a warm stay, good supply of food and shelter. In most cases, we remain unaware that we are going to stay with them for the winter months.

Because of the predictability of the position of the termites in the months of winter, it becomes easy for the termite extradition company to treat it well. Eradicating the termites on your own may not be that easy because of lack of knowledge about the techniques for the process. It is advisable for you to hire the services of professional experts in this field for taking charge of the termite eradication process in winter. At least a supervision of the house for termite presence is strongly recommended.

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