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Benefits of Integrated Pest Management (IPM)


Integrated Pest Management (IPM) can be defined as a strategy which is ecosystem-based and focuses only on prevention of pests on a long-term basis or their damage using a combination of different techniques such as biological control, manipulation of habitat, modification of the cultural practices, and application of resistant varieties. Eco-friendly methods are used for control of pests. This pest management method is gaining huge popularity these days because of the benefits it offers. The principles of IPM include:

• Prevention and Suppression

• Monitoring

• Decision Making

• Non-Chemical methods

• Selection of Pesticide

• Minimum Use of Pesticides

• Anti resistant strategy application

• Evaluation

IPM is a basically flexible yet dynamic strategy, which requires updating periodically because information is received from management after checking practice results.

What are the benefits of Integrated Pest Management?

• Lower down cost of pest management. IPM will reduce the cost by eliminating the need for pesticides for pest treatment and were imported from abroad. Different techniques used in IPM are sustainable one and offer major benefits.        

• IPM follows such approaches which are eco-friendly and creates a negative impact on the environment. Less application of pesticides will not hamper the soil fertility 

• It helps in the Promotion of sound structures as well as healthy plants.IPM also Promotes alternatives for sustainable bio-based management of pests.

• Reduces the scope of contamination of air and groundwater. It acts towards protecting the non-target species by lowering down the impact of the pest management activities. 

• It restricts or eliminates all issues which are part of pesticide residue. It also Reduces or eliminates restrictions of re-entry intervals.

• The pest control done using the techniques of integrated pest management will not affect the quality of crops. It is absolutely safe and also affordable for the use of the general people.

By adopting the strategies of IPM you will enjoy economic benefits because of sustained development, enhanced productivity and reduced damage of pests. The benefits which IPM can offer will make you less dependent or solely dependent on synthetic pesticides which can cause harm to the environment and crops. In short, IPM is creating a long-term path for everyone to enjoy the benefit of a healthier environment. It is one of the best approaches for controlling pest in an integrated way. Besides advantages, there are few disadvantages too but proper planning can help to cope up with it and enjoy the benefits.

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