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7 Signs You Might Have Termites In Your Home!


Termites are small insects in size though. But the destruction they cause to properties at home will be enormous. The loss occurring by the destructive attitude of these Termites – termite infestation – amounts to millions of dollars every year.

The main food of Termites is wood – although Termite families living in the damp forests can destroy even trees that are alive. Termites at home can chew wood flooring and plastic, as also wall-papers.

Ironically, Termites eat food 24 hours/day non-stop. Therefore even big timber logs, wooden structures in buildings and furniture will vanish within no time. Broadly, Termites can be classified into two categories – dry wood termites and Subterranean Termites. There are more than 2000 species of termites on the planet earth.

Considering the heavy damage caused by these small insects swarming conspicuous places, like an “army” to infest and eat-up wood, it is always advisable to be vigilant and detect the presence of termites infestation,  well in advance.

The life-styles of these swarmers provide a clue to seek the help of termite control services. These insects love to gather in places where there is darkness, shade, dampness, and water-connection etc. During the rainy months, they find ideal situations, after a spell of rain and heat appears after wetness.

Besides, Termites live in certain specific “resident places” as a big group, where the king, the queen, soldiers and worker-ants live together. They leave traces of their existence as well so that you can sense the presence of Termites in your homes, and other places like the basement and cellar etc.

Watch for these signs to detect the presence of Termites:         

• Earthen packing over a surface: The colonies live safely by producing a mud like earthen packing, clearly visible on the basement walls, joints and soil touching the concrete structure etc.         

• Tunnels deep down the soil up to 20 centimeters         

• Shelter tubes in brown or dark brown colors – working tubes on the soil to the wooden structure; exploratory tubes rising from the soil, and drop tubes starting from the wooden structures to the soil etc.         

• Blowholes in unused timber frames lying on the floor         

• Noises of signals from the army to call their company, by tapping on the wood continuously         

• Piles of Termite frass scattered all over the damp places inside the home         

• Presence of wings of swarmers discarded, when they invade a certain place

Whenever you find the above signs, be alert to seek the help of termite control services!

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