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10 Tips for Keeping Your Commercial Property Pest Free!


Keeping any premises pest-free is ideal for avoiding infestation of menacing pests, spreading diseases. More than the homes, commercial property buildings, and business houses require pest-control, on a larger scale. See here how to undertake commercial pest control at its best.

Considering the enormity of the space used in these buildings, it is well neighing impossible to combat pests, by do-it-yourself methods. Surely you need the help of commercial pest control company professionals.

In these commercial buildings, the responsibility of undertaking the cleanliness of the entire premises, and keeping it pest-free normally lies with the property manager. The following 10 tips can help them understand, as for how to keep the commercial property pest-free, on a day-to-day basis:

1. Commercial buildings are restaurants; hotels; hospitals; schools; shopping malls; show-rooms; theaters and offices. It is the top-most priority of the property manager, to keep the entire premises clean and tidy, with close supervision. Usage of cleaning materials to keep the insects like flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches, ants, termites, bugs, rats and worms at bay should be given highest importance.

2. Trash and dust-bins should be cleaned impeccably and changed at very frequent intervals. Sluggishness shown in this will be equal to inviting pests, with the warm welcome.

3. Food-wastes are feasts for pests. Rats, cockroaches, and flies swarm over these food-crumbs, and once tasted will never leave the premises.

4. Doors are the entrances for pests during night time. Apart from cleaning the door-steps impeccably, it would be advisable to leave some pest-control chemicals, odorants, and substances at doors and conspicuous places. The smell will drive away nasty-pests.

5. If you have a lush-green garden around, it not only beautifies the premises but also shelters all sorts of pests, including some very dangerous ones. Keep the garden very clean and also apply pesticides during evenings.

6. Stagnated water is birth-place of mosquitoes. Clear it immediately and keep a watch.

7. Damp places with darkness encourage pests to live and make merry. So to the extent possible, use mopping water-prone places and keep them dry to the maximum. Use of naphthalene balls to lie there always.

8. Rooftops and gaps between door joints serve as hiding places for many pests. Keep a vigilant watch to keep the commercial pest control at its best.

9. Drainage pipes during rainy season safe-guard menacing pest-infestation. So keep a watch.

10. Don’t under-estimate the services of a commercial pest control company. Always keep in touch with them, to get their guidance and advice whenever needed.

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