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5 Common House Pests and their Prevention


Your home offers you the true sense of pride and safety and provides you a comfortable place which is your very own. Common house pests will give a quick change to this thought process. Pests are responsible for causing potential health problems as well as serious damage to the structure of the home.

1. Termites

Although small in size it can cause serious damage to property. Termites' favorite is wood and when you notice termites in your wooden beams, then your property structure is at risk. Find cracks and fix them to create a barrier to entry and spread Borax powder, or sodium borate to kill them naturally.

2. Mosquitos

We all know that mosquitoes are the most common pests. The warm pond, puddle waters and lakes offer a perfect atmosphere to mosquitos for breeding. Few mosquitos carry serious diseases like Zika, dengue and malaria virus. Use mosquito repellent at home, remove algae from water bodies, kill mosquito larvae, and avoid keeping fresh clear water uncovered. This will help to control mosquito growth.

3. Fruit Flies

Fruit flies are small, brown coloured flying insects which congregate near rotting food, ripe fruits, garbage containers, etc. These flies are known for spreading unwanted bacteria in food which you wish to consume. It is important to eliminate their breeding grounds. Remove leftover food, garbage, etc in the open area this will help to restrict spreading of eggs by fruit flies.

4. Mice

One of the ridiculous pests is mice, and known for creating unsanitary living conditions. Mice move inside the home via plumbing and wiring, in walls and through insulation. It makes sound and chews whatever they get at night and you will see mouse droppings in your house in different areas. Use mouse traps to catch mice, Eliminate the entry point or bring cat for natural extinction of mice.

5. Ants

Ants are one of the common types of pests you will find bringing your property condition at risk. It enters through small cracks present in walls, doors, and windows. They make movements in a group.  It’s hard to control until and unless you call a professional. Borax to a great extent can restrict the spreading of ants.

There are various other types of house pests which cause serious damage to property and cause health issues. In case you find it difficult to control then hire professionals for the best services.

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