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6 Essentials of Integrated Pest Management


Do you feel overwhelmed as you learn more about the pest control industry? If you are trying to understand the best way to control pests in your home, then don’t let the complicated jargon stop your research. Here at EcoGeek, our goal is to simplify pest control in a natural way. Today, we are talking about Integrated Pest Management to help you understand how these principles drive our services. You are always welcome to contact our team for more information.

What is Integrated Pest Management (IPM)?

There are many ways that this term is used, often for programs that focus on three aspects of pest control: prevention, monitoring, and control. Instead of using liberal amounts of pesticides to get rid of pests, IPM focuses on eco-friendly options that protect our beautiful planet.

IPM Essentials

There are six important factors of an effective IPM program:         

Monitoring: Regular inspections in your home to determine infestation levels and the types of pests that are present.         

Record Keeping: Looking for trends that influence outbreaks and infestations. Tracking the information can lead to an effective treatment plan.         

Acceptable Levels: Keep in mind that the goal of pest control is not to eradicate the pests completely. Instead, the emphasis is placed on control. It is unsafe and often impossible to wipe out the total population.         

Prevention: Applying preventive measures in your home will help you avoid the risk of future infestations. We will inspect the structure and potential entry points to reduce the pests that come inside.         

Controls: The first choice is to use mechanical controls, such as traps, barriers, and hand-picking to reduce the infestation if needed. Biological controls are the next step if an aggressive treatment is needed. If chemicals are applied, then responsible use is a top priority to minimize the amount and potency of the products.         

Evaluation: Ongoing evaluation is important to measure the success levels of the treatments. A Proper evaluation can be used to improve preventive strategies and maximize the long-term results that you desire.

At EcoGeek, our primary means of Integrated Pest Management is focused on prevention. We are always looking at simple solutions that reduce the need to use potentially dangerous chemicals.

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