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Simple Tips to Reduce the Risk of Rats and Mice


Mice and rats might be funny in a children’s cartoon episode. But these real-life pests can be a serious problem to your family if they show up in your home. Not only will rodents damage your property; they can also have a negative impact on the health of your family members. If you want to protect the people that you love, then it is essential that you are proactive with pest control measures that work.

Do You Have a Rodent Problem?

How do you know if you have rats or mice in your home? There are a few signs that indicate the presence of one or most rodents:      

• Rodent droppings         

• Signs of chew marks or animal gnawing         

• Burrowing or holes in your yard         

• Seeing a rat or mouse running in your home         

• Foul smells

Most of the time, these pests live in colonies, so it might be a bigger problem than you think.

Setting Traps Won’t Solve the Problem

Putting out a few traps won’t eliminate the problem. While traps are a good start, proper pest control should include identification of the burrow and nesting locations, and experience to identify potential sources of food and water.

Some homeowners attempt a DIY approach with store-bought traps, and then eventually call a pest control company when the infestation grows. There is no reason to wait for these services! Act right now by working with our team at EcoGeek. We offer eco-friendly, effective services to protect your home and family.

Rodent Prevention

Rather than waiting until you need to exterminate a rodent problem, the best solution is to be proactive with prevention. Look for food sources that need to be eliminated, both inside and outside. Dry food should be stored in plastic bins or buckets in the pantry. Also, be careful to manage the pet food for your dog or cat. Leaving food in their dish could attract rodents.

Consider the security of your trash. When the bags are disposed of in the can, make sure that the lid is securely in place. Never leave plastic bags sitting near the trash can.

Always clean up your home after mealtimes. Pick up the dishes and avoid leaving leftovers sitting out when you are done with the meal. Make sure to clean the floors to get rid of crumbs that might have been left behind by children.

Call the Rodent Control Experts

Here at EcoGeek, we are working hard to provide the best pest control services around. We offer solutions for rodents, such as rats and mice, as well as many types of insects. Call EcoGeek to schedule a consultation to learn more: (508) 280-1108

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