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How Mice and Rats Can Damage Your House and Valuables?


Do you know the difference between a Mouse and a Rat? Well – both belong to the same family of Rodents. Mostly both of them look alike. But in causing destructive damage (not wantonly, but by their nature of course) to your house and valuables, both vie with each other. That’s why Mice and Rats control gets topmost importance. 

Generally, in causing damage, there is not much of a difference, since their food habits and body parts are one and the same. Rats are bigger in size than mice, but both of them have sharp teeth to gnaw and chew harder materials, by habit. 

Starting from damage outside your home, these Rodents make tunnels in the structures of your house to sneak inside. These holes will pave the way for many insects also to enter your home freely. 

Rats and mice dug up around the newly planted crops in the garden. Your favorite plants will get rooted out, to your dismay. Once inside the home, their first target is food and they will siege in the kitchen and store-room. Apart from eating spilled food particles and spicy items, they try to put their mouth on anything found edible. 

This act contaminates the food items and makes them unfit for human consumption. Dangerous diseases get spread by Mice and Rats this way. So you need to be very careful once you find an invasion of Rats or Mice, to avoid huge medical expenses later for treating your family members and kids. 

Rats and Mice need nests to be built as their homes to live in your house. For this purpose, they start collecting “building materials” such as wood, cloth, paper, cardboard, plastic, and rubber etc. In this process, many of the valuables in your home get destroyed beyond repair. 

These Rodents will chew anything by habit. By their gnawing, they cut off electric wires and insulations all over the premises. You can very well imagine what will happen, when the electric cables, wires, and insulations get cut. Ranging from short-circuiting to non-functioning of devices to fire accidents – anything can happen. 

While roaming clandestinely during nights, the Rats and Mice start their hunting. They target anything found in their way – papers and documents kept in wooden shelves and tables. After gnawing, the important and valuable property documents get totally destroyed beyond recovery. 

The fecal droppings, urine trails left behind by these species cause a deadly foul smell. The contamination of any eatables by these left-overs is really deadly, by spoiling your family’s health. 

So in view of the above-explained damages and destruction, be alert to eradicate Rats and Mice from your home speedily.

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