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7 Pest Control Tips For Homeowners To Consider!


Keeping your homes free from pests is highly important because apart from causing menace, they can spread diseases for you, your family members and pets. In this article you will find some useful tips to deal with Pest Control in homes.

All said and done, pests at home are varied and assorted. They can be classified into two categories – one destroying your garden and living there; and two living inside your home, lurking behind conspicuous places and attacking during nights.

Therefore the ideal thing is to have a professional Pest Control Company always, seek their help for guidance and engage them at least once in 6 months, to eradicate the pests at your home.

But before calling the professionals for service, you can follow these practical tips to keep pest infestation at bay:

1. Destroy their hide-out places: Ants, moths, cockroaches, rats etc. adopt the habit of “residing” inside your home and attack during nights. So it is imperative for you to “detect” their homes first. Conspicuously look behind doors; inside shelves; attic; basement; spots with moisture; gaps and crevices in walls; electrical sockets and wooden structures and apply insecticides in liberal quantities.

2. Plug the entry points: Often most pests come into your home from the garden, and surrounding homes through the doors, windows, plumbing installations, and windows. Keep the gaps fixed with sealants, odorant gels and creams in the evenings regularly.

3. Deny them food supply: All insects are very fond of edible substances, like food crumbs; vegetable wastes; tasty liquids and rotten foodstuffs. Clean and clear everything then and there and don't take chances at all.

4. Keep the garbage collection drums and dustbins sealed tightly without a gap. Clear them frequently without laziness, because these are the breeding nests for most of the insects at home.

5. Don’t supply them water: Keep the places related with water like the kitchen sink; bathtub; shower stall areas as well as rain gutters always dry. With no water supply, cockroaches will die within a week.

6. Mind your garden cautiously: This is a big area with lots of chances for invasion and infestation of many dangerous pests. Periodically clean the whole area with care.

7. Know more about over-the-table insecticides that work and don’t hesitate to use them properly and regularly.

Prevention is better than cure. However, invite the professional Pest Control Company of your choice, whenever you see pest infestation visibly!

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