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10 Ways To Protect Kids From Bug Bites And Stings


Insects and pests are the carriers of certain diseases. Insect-borne ailments are one of the biggest threats for the kids. Kids like to play outside and expose themselves to various insect-borne threats. In most of the cases, insects enter our home and bite the small kids. The parents need to be extra careful when it comes to the prevention of insect bites.

Here are the tips from experts that will help you avert insect bites.

1. Bug repellents

The first step is to use a skin-friendly bug repellant for your kids. You can easily find a skin-compatible bug repellent for every family member. Whenever you are planning for an outdoor stint, do not forget to pack repellents. Go for the natural formulations to avoid side effects.

2. Covering with clothes

Despite the climatic conditions, it is better to cover the kids with clothes. Use full sleeve t-shirts and full pants to cover your kids when they want to play outside. In fact, the experts suggest tucking the t-shirt in so that the bugs do not get a void space to enter. Also, tuck the pants inside the socks.

3. Using bug-spray

The breathable clothing can be covered with a suitable bug spray in order to keep the insects from invading.

4. Forget fragrance

It is obvious that the bugs are attracted to the sweet smell. Using sweet perfume can also attract bugs. Using a scented lotion, shampoo or soap can provoke the insects and attract them.

5. Avoid outdoors during dusk and dawn

Bugs like mosquitoes are fully functional during this time of the day. In fact, many species become active once the sun sets or when your kids are vulnerable at dawn. Try to keep the kids indoors.

6. No mixing bug spray with sunscreen

Sunscreen is a formulation that does not last long. Do not mix sunscreen with bug repellent. Apply sunscreen first and then a bug repellent separately to make it last longer.

7. Avoid sandals

During the peak bug seasons, always trust shoes. Do not let kids wear sandals.

8. Avoid dark colored clothes

Dark colored clothes attract insects more as they think it as a sweet corner to take shelter.

9. Standing water

Get rid of standing water from your backyard or garden where bugs can multiply.

10. Use nets

Use nets to cover your windows and strollers to protect the kids from bug bites and stings.

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