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Preventative Mosquito Treatments

EcoGeek offers an extensive mosquito control program that guarantees your Barnstable property will see see a huge reduction in these nasty insects. Our services cover all kinds of stinging, biting, and sucking pests, such as mosquitoes, fleas & ticks, all of this is included in the same service.

Mosquito Control without Compromise

After we treat your yard for mosquitoes you can immediately go outside and enjoy your yard. This is because we use our proprietary blend of botanical products that are family and pet friendly without any of those nasty synthetic chemicals.

We Will Take Care Of Your Mosquito Problems!

Mosquito Control Barnstable, MA

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Mosquito Control Barnstable

A Mosquito Control Service That Controls More!

Tick Control | Flea Control | Mosquito Control

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Treatments Where Ticks & Fleas Reside!

Our Barnstable Mosquito control program includes tick control & flea control at no extra charge. Our complete program addresses all of the various stages of mosquito, flea & tick development (adult, larvae and eggs), but we focus our treatments in areas down low were fleas and ticks reside without an extra charge!

Keep Mosquitoes, Fleas & Ticks off your Family & Pets

Barnstable Tick Control & Prevention

Barnstable Tick Control Near Me

Ticks are nasty critters that are looking for their next blood meal. These tiny little bloodsuckers are known to cause big problems for you, your family, and your pets. These blood-sucking parasites are known carriers of Lyme Disease, Anaplasmosis, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, and other harmful diseases and ticks can easily transmit these dangerous diseases when they find a host to feast on. Barnstable is known to have high tick populations, so having a tick prevention plan is essential when it comes to protecting your home and loved ones.

We Specialize In Tick Management

Here at EcoGeek, we are Barnstable's pest experts that specialize in controlling & preventing tick infestations to keep your home and yard tick-free.

Barnstable Tick Exterminator Near Me

Tick Inspection & Identification

​Our team of tick control experts will conduct an in-depth inspection of your Barnstable home to identify any areas where ticks may be present. This includes shrubs, grass, and optimal areas where ticks can easily find a blood host.

Tick Control & Extermination

We use a variety of tick treatment methods to ensure a quick knockdown of ticks in your yard. Your treatment will include blanket application of your yard to effectively exterminate hungry ticks quicks, so you can enjoy your Barnstable backyard to the fullest.

Tick Prevention

Preventing ticks is the most important step when it comes to keeping your family and pets safe. Our tick control specialist will provide you with our on-going tick prevention program so you never have to worry about the threat of unwanted ticks on your barnstable property again. Our tick prevention plan is a great solution to maintain a tick-free home.

Stop The Mosquitoes and Ticks From Ruining Your Special Event!

Our Barnstable Mosquito Control Methods

Barnstable mosquito control near me

Eco-Friendly Mosquito Control Misting

Offers Immediate Mosquito Control

Our environmentally friendly mosquito misting process will control the mosquitoes that are present as well as repel any future mosquitoes. The mosquito control products we use are consisted of botanical oils that will control the mosquitoes without negatively impacting your family, pets or the environment.

Eco-Friendly Larvae Control

Controlling Mosquitoes Before They Hatch

Mosquitoes reproduce by laying their eggs in stagnate water. Something as small as a bottle cap with water in it can hold thousands of mosquito eggs. Small Items around your cape cod home can be easy tipped over, or disposed of eliminating the mosquito eggs, however, other places like puddles or decorative features around a property, might need an eco-friendly treatment to prevent reproduction.

We Will Take Care Of Your Barnstable Mosquito Problems!

Mosquito Control Frequency In Barnstable

mosquito control Barnstable MA

You Set The Mosquito Treatment Frequency

A good starting point for most Barnstable properties is a mosquito, flea & tick treatment interval of 21 days. However, cape cod mosquito control can vary from property to property depending on the mosquito pressure. Each property and situation is different. When starting a Mosquito service with us, we ask you to keep an eye out after the first service to see when and if mosquitoes come back before that 21 day period.

Special Event Mosquito & Tick Control

Special Event Mosquito Control Barnstable

Enjoy Your Cape Cod Event!

Weddings | Birthdays | Company Parties

If you hire EcoGeek to take care of mosquitoes before your event in Barnstable, your guests will appreciate it! We all know how unpleasant it can be to have an outdoor event when there are lots of mosquitoes around. Make sure your guests stay comfortable and your event goes off without a hitch!

Stop The Mosquitoes and Ticks From Ruining Your Special Event!

Mosquito Control Barnstable MA

Mosquito Treatments For Your Special Events

Barnstable Town Pest Control Near Me

As the days grow longer and the temperature increases, outdoor occasions such as weddings, company picnics, and birthdays take center stage on our social calendar. The lush lawns, blooming flowers, and gentle breeze create a picturesque setting for these gatherings. However, an unwelcome visitor often interrupts the joy: the pesky mosquito.

Mosquitoes Can Be A Real Problem

Mosquitoes have the ability to transform a delightful outdoor event into a constant battle of swatting, leaving guests with itchy reminders of the special day. Besides being a nuisance, mosquitoes carry diseases such as Zika, West Nile virus, and malaria, posing a health risk to attendees. Therefore, it is essential to employ mosquito treatments for outdoor events. These treatments not only enhance the comfort and enjoyment of guests but also ensure their well-being.

So, How Do We Do Mosquito Treatments For A Special Event?

First and foremost, it is important to understand that effective mosquito control for a special event is a process that involves multiple steps.

  • Survey and inspect the event location: allowing us to identify potential breeding grounds and formulate our plan of attack.
  • Treatment of potential breeding sites: This will prevent new mosquitoes from emerging.
  • A mosquito control treatment 2 days before the event: This ensures enough time to control the existing mosquito population.

Our Liquid Mosquito Control Products

One commonly used method by the mosquito treatment specialists at EcoGeek Pest Control is fogging or misting treatments. This technique disperses small droplets of a mosquito control product onto the leaves of plants and trees in the area, instantly killing adult mosquitoes upon contact. Our mosquito control services are particularly effective for large outdoor areas and can provide relief from mosquitoes for your entire event. Our Mosquito treatments are safe for guests.

Mosquito Control Traps

Depending on the situation it may be appropriate to install mosquito traps around the event venue. These devices emit substances that imitate human breath and sweat, attracting mosquitoes and trapping them. Once the mosquitoes are lured into the trap, they are captured and killed. This method, used in conjunction with other treatments to provide comprehensive mosquito control.

Other Mosquito Control Methods

Mosquito control isn't solely reliant on chemical methods. Our Barnstable mosquito control professional may also suggest environmental changes to make the event area less appealing to mosquitoes. This may involve eliminating standing water, utilizing fans (as mosquitoes are weak fliers), or introducing mosquito-repelling plants like citronella and lemongrass. We also work with event planners to develop a customized mosquito control plan, taking into account factors such as the size of the property, the presence of elements that may attract mosquitoes, and the location of the event.

When We Treat For The Big Event

​Preventive mosquito treatments are typically conducted 24-48 hours prior to the event, ensuring maximum effectiveness during the occasion. We use environmentally friendly products and methods, ensuring that guests are not exposed to harmful chemicals.

Overall, our team at EcoGeek is a top choice for mosquito treatments for special events in Barnstable, NC. With a range of treatment options and a commitment to comprehensive pest control, the company can provide effective mosquito control for events of all sizes. By working with EcoGeek, event planners can ensure that guests are protected from mosquitoes.

Barnstable Mosquito Control Near Me

Get A Mosquito Free Yard For Your Special Event!

Special Event Mosquito Treatments

Barnstable Mosquito Control Near Me?

If you are searching for mosquito control in Barnstable, you are for sure looking for EcoGeeks mosquito control program. As you can see from our online reviews, we are truly Barnstable's trusted pest control company.